Let me start by saying I’m sorry. Today I’m feeling immature, so I’m going to a list a few titles that I think are funny with “In my pants” tacked on at the end. There is nothing about this that is sensible so if you’re easily offended, or disgusted at stupidity, then now is the time to close the tab!

This started last Saturday night while I was out with some friends. I suggested that we end every appropriate sentence with the words “in my pants” and it just took off from there. I remember seeing this in a TV or movie (I think) so I stole it from that, whatever that was. I was in need of innocent and ridiculous laughs that could be had the expense of no one, and this was what popped into my head. It’s surprising just how quickly our minds found the bottom of the toilet but it was well worth the fun. Enjoy…

  • The Usual Suspects In My Pants
  • The New Guy In My Pants
  • The Rock In My Pants
  • A Few Good Men In My Pants
  • Bad Boys In My Pants
  • The Girl Next Door In My Pants
  • The Pursuit Of Happyness In My Pants
  • Risky Business In My Pants
  • The Mummy In My Pants
  • 12 Angry Men In My Pants


So that’s ten movies, how about ten games…

  • Bayonetta In My Pants
  • inFAMOUS In My Pants
  • Unreal Tournament In My Pants
  • Mass Effect In My Pants
  • Final Fantasy In My Pants
  • Bionic Commando In My Pants
  • Mega Man In My Pants
  • Day Of The Tentacle In My Pants
  • Shadow Of The Colossus In My Pants
  • Metal Gear Solid In My Pants


I was going to do song titles too but I’m already ashamed enough.

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