Coraline and 3D. An old post shared again.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Due to a few different reasons. A little indifference, a little laziness, but mostly a lack of the passion enough to write down anything that I was thinking about. I stumbled across an old blog post I wrote from an old blog I had and thought I’d share it here. I’m doing this because I think from the words alone you can see just how much I enjoyed myself, and it even brought a smile to my face to read it again

One important thing I note from this blog is the 3D element. I hate 3D now. I think it’s used unnecessarily in most cases and is distracting in nearly every case. But here, in Coraline, I thought it was magical. Anyway, enjoy, and I’ll be more original at some stage in the future.

Last Sunday, 15th Feb, I was fortunate enough to go see a screening of Coraline 3D as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival ( – check it out, very cool, excellent showcase of some wonderful movies).

As a Neil Gaiman fan I was quite looking forward to this. Mostly because he would be speaking after the showing, and partly because I just love going to the movies.

In preparation I bought the book, and read it on Valentine’s Day (no sobs, my girlfriend was at a hen party, so I got some quality book time!). I really enjoyed it. Coraline is a simple scary childrens book. Not simple in it’s creation or delivery, but in the way that it’s not a messy collection of words and pictures designed to numb the brain. It’s old style scary and very engaging.

So I was ready for the movie. Well aware that there would be changes as there are with all interpretations of books. Not a bad thing, merely a new chance for surprise. It’s important to note that this would be my first time seeing a 3D movie, an exciting prospect until I saw the GIANT 3D specs I had to wear…

Those are my regular specs beside them… and you’ve noticed it too I daresay… Where are the blue and red lenses? I mean when did they change that!

So the technical appreciation: 3D is amazing. Simply the most wonderful way to see a movie like this. I was very impressed. It was very subtle, and used to almost perfect effect. That said I would’ve liked to have seen more of it in the movie. Just because it was such a wow factor.

Coraline is a hand animated movie. Stop motion, clay-mation, (think Wallace & Gromit), and you’ve got the idea of how they at Laika did it. Time, effort, and a great deal of craft. The world and the characters were all beautifully designed and brought to life. So much so that you wouldn’t miss the CGI for a second. The real feel, the texture of Coraline made me love it more than any other animated movie I’ve seen recently.

During his interview at the showing Neil Gaiman made a point of saying how this was a movie that was very different from the current stock of “family” movies doing the rounds. As he said that I thought of the movies that are on Sky Family, and the DVD’s that I see in HMV and the like. He couldn’t be more right. Most of the “family” and “childrens” movies that have come out in recent years have been banal and boring. Unchallenging and insulting to the intelligence of any child. Coraline isn’t one of those movies. It’s engaging, thrilling and scary. I jumped, I laughed, I sighed with relief, I squeezed my girlfriends hand, I watched with anticipation and wonder… and I read the book less than 24 hours earlier!!

It’s a visual feast, trippy and engaging. Some parts are risque, and some kind of disturbing. If I were to put on a stuffy adult voice I wouldn’t recommend it for the youngest children. But as thats not the type of thing I do, I’ll suggest it is suitable for everyone, the more wild and receptive your imagination the better. but don’t worry if you’re a little at a loss for the creative ideas, Henry Selick (Director) and the team at Laika have done enough to help you along.

I won’t review the movie, picking the good and bad bits out (I can’t think of a bad bit now that I mention it), suffice to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I recommend that everyone should see it, and in 3D if possible.

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