A small observation on social networking

I’m not entirely sure if social networking is something that as a whole can be boxed up into one nice little descriptive package. In fact I’d be fairly positive that it would be impossible to do such a thing.

It’s pretty difficult to remember exactly all of the social networks of which I have been a member, but I do know that when I join one it is because it’s new, and different to what else exists. That’s something that can not be denied: Social networks have evolved over time. Each one offering something a little new, and a little different. Each gives a a slightly different method of sharing and connecting with the world.

There was a time when networking was just about talking to people, arranging meetings, connecting in the virtual world almost exactly as we did in the real world. But that’s no longer the case. Now we share ideas, opinions, thoughts, and feelings. We share everything. We give a part of ourselves to the world, and we do so freely. It’s a type of connection which it seems is easier to make virtually than it is personally.

With the explosive popularity of services like Instagram and the new Pinterest there’s an even more advanced and personal method to connect and share. These services allow people not only to see what we see, and often AS we see, but also to have an insight into our thoughts and dreams. Sharing has become more complete, and yes also more intrusive, than ever before.

It makes me wonder where the limit of this progression lies. Or even if the limit exists at all. Either way, I imagine it won’t be long until we have the option of using something like these:

I wonder what these might be for... Hmm...

(If you know, or indeed can guess, what these are from without clicking this link then may all of your enemies suffer horrible squirrel related mutilations! I would recommend clicking the link anyway, it’s super funny).

This rambling post has been brought to you by an unoccupied mind with little else to accomplish this evening! Good Wednesday to you.

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