Google Drive, initial response

I’m a long time user of Dropbox. It’s a great service, and it’s been invaluable over the last year or so. The ability to store and share files so easily has contributed to making the way I do things less difficult. Along with the added bonus of  security in the knowledge that should I lose my usb drive (which recently happened) it’s no big deal. I recommend it to everyone when I get a chance, and I recommend it to you now. I suggest to you that if you’re not using it then you are slightly mad. Get to it.

This level of love and dedication can be difficult to overcome, but Google Drive presented a nice opportunity to try out a similar service from the big guys.

So what has Google Drive got going for it:

  1. 5GB or free storage, and a reasonable premium price structure. Better even than Dropbox.
  2. It’s very similar to Dropbox in operation, so there’s no new-fangled learning to do to use it.
  3. The web browser interface is pretty. If you’re a Gmail user (and really, who isn’t these days?), it’ll appear very familiar and easy to use.
  4. A nice and simple mobile app.
  5. The essential desktop service. Just a folder, just like Dropbox.
  6. It appears to be well integrated with other Google services. (Well it is from my limited use so far. I haven’t spammed it with tests, just played around a bit).

All of those are fairly important to any level of user, but the integration factor is the one I believe that will make the difference as time goes on.

Take for example the purchase of a new Android handset. You turn it on, you sign in, you’ve got everything you have in your Google account shortly thereafter. It would be nice to imagine that in the future the need for multiple accounts and passwords and usernames would be obsolete as one service provider offers almost everything we could want. (Obviously this means that security would need to become better than exceptional. But I’m not going to venture down the paranoia route today).

So considering the similarity, what about Dropbox? I’ll still use it. For quite some time yet. The developers seem to have hit a small streak recently with some nice improvements, and other than that I just like the way it works. I won’t be jumping ship, just splitting my time.

Overall I think Google Drive is nice. It makes sense for Google to take this step, and it fits well with the rest of their offerings. I even think I’ll start using Google Docs a little more now. Google Drive is free, there’s a nice chunk of space, it goes with what you’ve got (if you’ve got what I think you’ve got), and it’s definitely worth checking out!

2 thoughts on “Google Drive, initial response

    1. Yeah I’ve spent so long using and recommending Dropbox that I don’t think I could let it go if I wanted to! I imagine, well I hope, that the developers might have a nice response in the next couple of months too.

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