Still not sure about Man Of Steel

Whenever I watch Richard Donner’s Superman I still get a little buzz. Maybe it’s just my childhood joy spilling over into adulthood, or maybe it’s my love for the character, but I’m never disappointed in it. Sure, I can see the faults, but for every moment of ridiculous silliness there’s still the amazing time spent on Krypton and in Smallville. For each slightly daft bit of acting there’s still the amazing wonder of Christopher Reeve and his startling ability to play both Clark and Superman.

And Christopher Reeve… I’ve been reading Superman comics for many years. And I’m sure I will continue to do so. It still makes me smile to see how his performance left such a powerful impression that it’s the go to design for what I’d call a ‘real’ Superman in a lot of the comics.

I loved Smallville too. That was series that certainly had it’s faults. Some of them so frustrating, and so obvious, that they still bug me now, even though it’s all over. But I did enjoy it. For it’s part it made the characters accessible and fun. It also managed to create it’s own mythos (wrapped loosely around the comic books) and used that to inspire the dreams of this simple viewer. It made me want to fly far more often than I could complain about it. (It also made me want him to fly, but not as much). Tom Welling was great in it, and I think he really nailed the duality of the character in the last few seasons.

Superman Returns…. I took the day off work, I got up at a stupid hour, and I went to see this movie first thing in the morning. It was, and still is, disappointing. I don’t think it’s a bad movie. But there’s a lot wrong with it. A lot of very disappointing things. I could go through all of the Superman media I’ve sought out over the years, but lets get to what’s on my mind…

Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel. Uh oh. Zack Snyder. Hmm. I’m not a fan. I’ve been waiting for a chaotic, intense, heartwarming Superman movie for absolute years and… Zack Snyder. Well, to be fair to the man I liked Dawn Of The Dead and 300 was ok. Watchmen and Sucker Punch though were two of the worst movies I can remember. Sucker Punch was, in fact, infuriatingly bad. I’m terrified of what he’s going to do to this movie. I’m genuinely worried that I’ll go to the movie and walk out with a feeling of utter disappointment.

But, and this is a but laced with the giggles of a comic book nerd, there is hope. Hope in the shape of David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan. Check out those IMDb links, oh yes… BATMAN! These guys brought us Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, & The Dark Knight Rises (Ok, not seen that one yet, but come on, we all know it’ll be awesome). Together they’ve come up with the story and the screenplay for those three Batman movies, and too for Man Of Steel. This can only be a great thing. Over the last few years they’ve taken Batman back from the edge of complete silliness in film and planted him squarely on top of the world when it comes to doing a comic book character justice on the big screen. Here’s to their continued success.

And then we have Henry Cavill. The newest Superman. And from the photos I’ve seen, along with the movies/TV I’ve seen him in I’m quite looking forward to his crack at Clark/Supes. I’m not 100% on the ‘onesie’ instead of the ‘underpants on the outside’ but I’m willing to let it slide if he’s amazing.

The rest of the cast… Have you seen this page? That is nuts! It’s an amazing cast! Personally I can’t wait to see Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, but that’s a thin lead over the rest of the great choices. So there’s more hope right there.

I’ve always been a fan of going to the cinema and losing myself to the movie. Getting lost in the story, forgetting that there’s a world outside of that room. Movies like this are supposed to make you sit there and get a rush. Your heart should thump, your face should be split by a smile, you should want. no, you should need, to fly. You should go home and dream of soaring high into the sky, and fantasize about being a hero. It’s the ultimate escapism and it does no harm to enjoy it every now and again.

So here’s a few words to Zack Snyder, I hope he can help: I want to be your fan. I want to laugh at people for not loving your Man Of Steel. I want to believe I can fly.

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