The good GP

Yesterday I had to pay a visit to my GP’s practice. When I rang for the appointment I was asked which doctor I wanted to see, and I said it doesn’t matter. I’m not one of those people that feels the need to see the same doctor every time, their all professionals (mostly), and any advice was welcome.

I arrived to the appointment on time, and was taken in on time, which was a pleasant experience. I’m used to that at this practice as I’ve been going there for years, and unfortunately I always seem to go at the busiest possible time. From now on though Wednesday at 9 o’clock in the morning will be what I aim for.

The doctor who called for me was someone I’d seen before and I was delighted to see him. I have suffered with back problems in the past and the times I’ve seen him he has been more helpful than any other Doctor I’ve ever encountered. Not only would he ask questions on every possible aspect of my condition but he also recommended fantastic exercises, then went so far as to get down on the floor and demonstrate them to me. He’s also been great for recommending cheap alternatives for medicines, vitamins etc.

Unfortunately by the time I went to see him yesterday my symptoms had pretty much disappeared, but I thought I’d take advantage of the time and ask about it anyway. I was instantly worried that I was making a fool of myself by doing this but as always he was patient, chatty, and completely understanding. Patientyl he offered fantastic advice and prescribed simple remedies.

What I think is wonderful is that he’s reasonably famous for this kind of behaviour. A friend of mine picked out his name by my description of where he worked and my opinion of him. And then later, while speaking to my father, he informed me that that this GP has been fantastic for directing people to our charity, SOSAD, when he’s also referred them for HSE counselling.

It’s nice to see such an engaging, concerned, friendly, and effective person as a GP. Too often we hear the bad stories of people in these kind of roles, as they make great targets. They earn lots of money, and work within a system many of us feel is a bane on the lives of the average person. I just thought that for once it would be nice to share a good experience, or indeed numerous good experiences, and to take a moment to appreciate someone who is genuinely good at their job and who (to me anyway) earns every cent of their money, and every moment of my admiration.

So here’s to everyone in the Fairgate Medical Practice, cheers guys!

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