Black Ops 2 and the Call Of Duty curse

It’s that time of year again. We’re about 24 hours away from the newest, biggest, insanest (this is probably not a real word, I’m not checking), and latest gameplay video/trailer for Black Ops II.

Apart from the frankly amazing first Modern Warfare game I’ve always felt that Treyarch make the better releases in this series. The explosion in popularity of the series over the last few years has been incredible. The announcement, reveal, and release of the yearly title has become more a ‘media event’, and less a standard entry in a yearly cycle. And so this year I’m pretty interested in Call Of Duty. The trailer and release details so far have been good enough to whet my appetite, and I imagine tomorrow while watching the livestream from Gamescon I’ll develop a little excited feeling.

Yet as always there’s a dark shadow over the new Call Of Duty. I’m going to call this shadow the ‘haters.’ It’s not a word I enjoy using, but the truth is that since the first Modern Warfare every single year has seen an avalanche of abuse and hate directed straight towards Activision, IW, Treyarch, and the players of the games themselves.

I have no problem with people not liking the series. I don’t mind if they prefer Battlefield, Medal Of Honour, Counter Strike, or just hate first person shooters in general. No one has to like this game, in fact to be even more accurate I don’t think anyone should play this game if they genuinely don’t want to.

But these people haven’t played this game yet. And won’t get the opportunity to play it for quite some time, and already they’re complaining about it. Some people who say they gave up on the series post-Modern Warfare still take the time out to complain even though there have been four titles released since they apparently abandoned Call Of Duty.

Where the hell do these people get off? What goes through their mind that compels them to complain about something in this way? Like spoiled children or people that must not ever allow themselves to be seen liking the most poular thing. Inevitably every single year I become irate at this behaviour. If they play the game, hate the game, then complain about the game, then that’s fair enough. But for the love of three inches of common decency and intelligence either back off, or hell, give it a chance.

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