Weepy movies

I realised today that it is absolutely yonks since I’ve posted anything. This realisation came after I was discussing something with a colleague that once made me cry, and so that leads me to post about movies that have made me shed a few tears. That right there is my thought process. And yes, my Sunday has been incredibly dull.

(You may notice a theme from my choices. Yes, a lot of them tend to be father/son related).

The Champ

This movie, oh this movie, is my kryptonite. The first time I saw it I was a child, and my family had only recently moved into a new home. Unfortunately we were low on furniture, so  I ended up sitting on a floor with my knees against my chest as tears rolled off my face and seeped into my t-shirt.

I watched it again, for the second time, nearly twenty years later. This time I was living with a couple of friends, and I’d called in sick to work for a few days. We sat around drinking tea, and by the end of the movie all three of us were discreetly trying (and of course, failing) to hide our faces. Faces that were wet from eye to chin, and blotchy to boot.

I can’t recommend this movie enough too, it’s a great watch.

The Lion King

When Mufasa dies. Every time I watch it, since the first time.


This might seem an odd addition. But, at it’s core it shares a lot of similarities to The Champ, and it’s those moments that get me. I’ve watched this film a couple of times, and it’s not something that makes me bucket out the tears, but a few little drops always seem to eek their way out right at the end.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

I love this movie. It’s got nice humour, and a guy you find yourself rooting for in his desperation to be the best he can be.

The scene in the subway bathroom is the one that gets me. Will Smith looks like he’s breaking apart, it looks like his lowest point, and he’s still trying to strong. It’s just a wonderfully delivered scene.

And finally, the movie I watch when the ducts need emptying:


If you don’t cry at this movie you’re a soulless demon.

Actually, let me be more specific, if you don’t cry by the end of the prologue you’re obviously a dragon monster from a dimension where nothing sad ever happens, your eyes require no moisture, and so evolution has robbed you of your tear ducts.

This pic suggests that Up > Twilight regarding the love story. I’d go so far as to say you’d be hard pushed to find a better love story anywhere.

I went to see this with my then girlfriend, and while finding our seats we bumped into a friend of mine who suggested I might cry, because I was unmanly. He was right. Even the ridiculously large 3D glasses could not hide the fact that there was a river erupting from my face.

It sounds like it’s a nightmare to watch, but it’s a great movie, and well worth the time and tissues.

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